Top reasons why people fail the UK driving test

The UK driving test is one of the toughest in the world and the whole process includes a lot more than just you being able to drive a car. From traffic rules to the minutest of technicalities, anything can become the cause of you failing your test and that is some news no one in particular likes to hear. Once you fail the test, you’ve got to start from the beginning and wait for another three months before you can appear again in the nest test dates. Here are a few common mistakes people make that can be easily avoided to help you pass the test on your first attempt.

Makes sure you thoroughly observe oncoming traffic before making your turn at a junction. Otherwise, it can be regarded as a grave mistake and cause you to fail your test. Similarly, when you’re starting to move onto the road from the side of it, make sure you check all directions and the blind spots before moving.

The effective use of mirrors is one of the most crucial things that you are tested for. Makes sure you check all your mirrors before stopping or increasing your speed. Additionally, pay special attention to your reverse technique. Practice parallel parking and reverse parking in order to fully impress the administrator. Another delicate area is your response to traffic lights. Your response should be prompt and correct.

Your control on the steering wheel is perhaps the most important skill you need to master. The ability to drive in your lane and stay in your lane after making a turn or after dismounting a kerb is paid special attention to so make sure you have a steady hand and don’t fluster under the pressure. Just stay confident and believing your abilities in order to effectively make it through the test.