2-5 Day Automatic Intensive Driving Course

Are you an International Driver just moved to the UK with no driving experience on UK roads? Do you need to sit another test?

If it has been over one month since you attempted your last test?  Then you have come at the right place! We do short driving course to get you test ready fast.

At Automatic Driving Instructors, London, we have created this 2-5 day automatic intensive course for drivers who need to pass their driving test in a short time.     We believe that the entire process of learning to drive should not be stretched to months. When it can all be achieved in a few weeks.

So, if your driving test date is just a week or two far, then all you need to do is to book this 2-5 day intensive course with us and prepare yourself fully to become a licensed driver in the UK.

Learner-International Drivers Short Driving Course.

This 2-5 day intensive course is ideal for learner drivers who need to appear for test retake. Especially if it has been more than a period of one month from the time when they first appeared in a driving test, which they were not successful in. You are also eligible to take this course if you are an international driver who has no experience of driving on UK roads.

By, registering your name to this 2-5 day intensive course, you will get a wonderful platform to strengthen your driving skills on UK roads through the expert training and guidance of our highly efficient automatic driving instructors. The automatic driving lessons that our professional trainers will teach you will not just help you pass your driving test and get your driving licence, but also acquaint you with the important principles of safe and responsible driving.