Manual Driving Lessons

One of the main benefits of taking manual driving lessons is the fact that by passing a driving test through a manual car, you will be licensed to drive both manual and automatic cars. But, apart from this, taking manual driving lessons also comes with a number of disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages of taking a driving lesson through a manual car is the fact that it will take much longer for you to learn how to drive. The reason behind this is that a manual car requires much more coordination and extra work on the gears and clutch in comparison to automatic cars. However, learning to drive manual cars will help you tackle any kind of cars and allow you to drive them successfully.

Automatic Driving Lessons

In comparison to manual driving lessons it is far easier to learn automatic driving lessons and pass your driving test. Automatic driving lessons offer a simple, easy and hassle free way to learn how to drive, as there is no extra work involving the clutch and gear in an automatic car. In this way, automatic driving lessons allow you to focus more on your speed control and balance, rather than being worried about the technical aspects of driving. Today, automatic cars are replacing manual cars in huge numbers, and this is why the number of people wanting to take up automatic driving lessons is also increasing.

At Automatic Driving Instructors, we offer high quality and quick automatic driving lessons for our clients all across London. All our automatic driving experts are extremely professional, experienced, reliable, friendly and highly efficient at training people how to drive automatic cars in a safe and controlled manner. If you are also looking for a reliable service to help teach you how to drive automatic cars, then book our automatic intensive course today!