There is always a chance that your instructor lets you down by double booking or just being unavailable at the time of your test. This is where we step in!

At Automatic Driving Instructors, London, we also offer our services for last minute automatic driving test car hire with instructors for international or native learner drivers. However, last minute training on a short notice must not be confused with the fact that the quality of our services has been compromised. With us, you can always rest assured of getting high quality and in-depth training along with the imparting of extensive knowledge regarding the various test routes in London test centres.

Once you book our services on a short notice, our certified driving instructor will be right there to prepare you for the driving test. To add to it, we not only offer our services for last minute automatic driving test car hire, but also for manual driving test car hire. So, irrespective of the fact that you have hired our services at the last minute, all you need to do is let us know and we will be there to offer our exceptional services to you.

Our short notice automatic driving test car hire services are one of the most reliable all across London. Moreover, being one of the most trusted automatic driving schools in London, we also have a record of high rates of passes in driving tests. So, if your previous driving test instructor has let you down by not turning up in time, do not worry at all! Let us know about your needs for last minute short notice automatic driving test car hire and driving instructors, and we will be right there on time to make sure that you have the best learning experience ever, complimented with guaranteed results!